Beyond One to One Counselling

Discovery - reasons why you
might come to see me.

There are many forms of loss, for example from bereavement, separation, redundancy or other destabilising life-event. Experience of any of
these may release in us a myriad of emotions which are sometimes too hard to bear.
The result is that these emotions get buried,
locked away inside our hearts.

I believe the therapeutic relationship we
build together can create an environment
for change where new perspectives

Realising the inevitable impact
that it entails, I can help you to explore
your thoughts and feelings in a way that
feels safe and contained to more deeply understand issues that trouble you.

In working with you, I will aim to be creative in our conversations, using ideas drawn from drama, music, drawing or making. This, I find, can help the process of self-discovery, and can be really fulfilling to experience.

I believe it is important that our losses
do not define who we are and the
way we live our lives.