Beyond One to One Counselling

How do I work?  

I've worked in the field of bereavement 
for 8 years and have realised that there are
often many many layers of emotions and
questions that surface. This means I have experience in many other areas.

Suicidal feelings, gender or identify crisis, panic attacks, accident, financial pressures, work stress,
lack of confidence, bullying, anxiety, anger, divorce, domestic violence, cancer, amputation, terminal illness, family crisis, miscarriage and death of a child.

Any of these could leave you with a
feeling that the future
looks bleak.


Maybe the loss was so painful you
self medicated to cope. Perhaps you
are now in recovery, and are now reflecting
on those painful past memories.

I will work alongside you as  share your story.  Some people want to blurt it all out and others take months to build trust. It takes as long as it takes and I will   aim to stand alongside and help you to understand
your process and what's going on for you, possibly bringing insight and a new perspective.

Together we will explore your thoughts and
feelings in a safe, contained and
manageable way.